Smile Like Josie GibsonMillie McKintosh (Made In Chelsea)Sinead Moynihan and MichelleOur specialists Liz & Helen with pop star Pixie Lott & TOWIE’s Tom PearceMark Wright visits Pearlys before heading to the jungle!TOWIE’s Mario Falcone shows off his perfect smile!Top model Jourdan Dunn had her Pearlys treatment with Joey at Renew in KnightsbridgeI’ve just had my teeth whitened and it’s absolutely fantastic – my teeth look so white! Thank you all at Pearlys for being so friendly and really, really nice.  – Alexandra BurkeThis is Oritse from JLS. I just want to give a big shout out to Liz & Joey at Pearlys for giving us the Pearlys smile. We have just had an amazing treatment, and we are so so thankful that they have done this for us. We’re definitely coming back, and we’ll be getting this done regularly.  – Oritse Williams, JLSJavine Hylton and our teeth whitening specialist BernadetteGraeme Hawley after having his teeth whitened with Pearlys

Pearlys…for a Brighter Smile

As a great  friend of Pearlys, Judy Naake  (the woman who brought St Tropez to the UK) said
“I feel that teeth whitening is no longer a luxury for the few but has now become part of our regular beauty routine.”

Everyone wants to keep a bright white smile, it makes us feel happier, fresher and even younger.

Our range of Unique  In-Clinic Self-Treatments (including our NEW UNIQUE  Pearlys 20 minute Express treatment and Pearlys full 60 minute cool LED light activated self-treatment) and Home Maintenance Whitening Products (Pearlys Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder, Pearlys Daily Teeth-Whiten Foam, Pearlys Teeth Whitening Pen and Pearlys Professional Customised Home-Whitening Kit) are perfectly designed to safely and effectively keep your teeth sparkling and bright.

New – Pearlys Express Brighten Self-Treatment Available Now!

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